Our Programs and Locations

Sunnylea Child Care Centre

The Daycare operates in two locations, conveniently located steps apart.

(1) Sunnylea Junior School. 35 Glenroy Road, Toronto.

Programs include: the Toddler Room and Preschool Room

Before and After School Program: Full Day Kindergarten, Junior and Senior School Age Children.

(2) Royal York Road United Church. 851 Royal York Road, Toronto

Currently serves Before and After School Junior and Senior school age children. The designated location for School age children depends on availability and the wait list. Both locations are operated under the same philosophy and principles and enjoy the same programming.

Enrollment Location for Jr. School Age/Sr. School Age

The Centre will use reasonable efforts to enroll siblings in the same location for the Jr. and Sr. School Age programs (ie. both in the Satellite Room or both at the School) but cannot guarantee any particular location.

Movement Between Location

The Centre may move children between locations to better balance gender and age distribution.  Requests for children to be moved from one location to another will not be accommodated except in furtherance of a balanced program.

(3) Full Day Kindergarten Before and After School Program, 35 Glenroy Road, Toronto

The TDSB will conduct an annual survey to determine the demand for the FDK B&A Program .  If registration in a subsequent year falls below its minimum requirement, the TDSB may not offer the program for that year. The Sunnylea Child Care Centre FDK B&A Program is offered only for children in junior and senior kindergarten, and ends once the child enters grade one. Attendance in the FDK B&A Program does not grant you automatic attendance into the SCCC B&A (school age) program for children in grades 1-5. If you require continued care for your child in grade 1 and onwards, we recommend putting his/her name on the Sunnylea Child Care Centre waitlist.  

If your family is currently receiving a child care subsidy, you will be able to keep your subsidy for the kindergarten before and after school program. The City of Toronto oversees fee subsidy.

** As a provincially licensed child care centre, the Centre complies with staff/child ratios and groupings of children under the Child Care Early Years Act, 2014. The Centre’s ratios and groupings are as follows:

Group Age # of Children # of Staff


18mths – 2 1/2 years

maximum 10


Preschool  2 1/2 to 4 years maximum 24 3

FDK & B&A – 2 programs

4 & 5 years

maximum 20 per program


School Age B&A program


Jr. School Age –                        gr. 1 to gr.3

Sr. School Age –                       gr. 4 to gr. 5

SCCC Satellite Program –       gr. 1 to gr.5

maximum 30

maximum 25

maximum 30




Please note that the age at which a child is enrolled in each program is an approximation.