Frequently Asked Questions

Sunnylea receives a number of questions regarding its Waiting List Policy.  Some of the most common questions are answered below.

Are Waiting Lists capped?

Waiting Lists are not capped and can be of any length.  The Centre will accept Waiting List registration requests for all eligible children. 

Is there a fee to register my child on a Waiting List?

There is no fee to maintain your spot on the Waiting List.  A $50 administration fee is levied at the time of enrolment.

How many openings are there within the Centre in a year?

There are approximately five openings in the Toddler Room each year. Availability in the other Rooms depends on child withdrawals and child progression within the Centre.  There are typically few withdrawals in any given year; consequently the number of vacancies is usually low.

When a spot in the Toddler Room becomes available, it will be offered to the child who is highest in priority to be admitted, according to the Prioritization guidelines. If that child is not yet old enough to start attending or, the parent(s)/guardian(s) wishes to delay their child’s commencement, for a reasonable period of time, the spot can be held for that child if the parent(s)/guardian(s) start paying the monthly fees as of the start date for the available spot, as advised by the Director of the Centre. 

If the parent(s)/ guardian(s) elect not to pay the monthly fee to guarantee the spot then the vacancy will be offered to the child next in priority. 

What happens if I decline a spot in the Centre when it is offered to me?

If you decline a spot in the Centre, you will be put at the bottom of that Waiting List.

Once I have registered my child on a Waiting List, is there any advantage to making further inquiries about availability for my child?

The Centre will contact you if space becomes available for your child.  Specifically, the Centre will attempt to call you twice at the number you have provided, leaving a message both times.  If contact is not made within five business days, the Centre will then attempt to contact the next family on the Waiting List. 

If it is beneficial to monitor your child’s position on the Waiting List for his or her Birth Year, you are welcome to call the Centre from time to time.  Please note that the Centre receives a large volume of calls related to its Waiting Lists so it may take several days to receive a response. 

Once on a Waiting List, is there any guarantee that my child will be enrolled in the Centre within a reasonable period of time?

Unfortunately, no.  Withdrawals from the Centre are low and there are very few vacancies in a typical year.  In addition, child progression through the Centre varies as the composition of the Rooms changes somewhat from year to year.  Consequently, the Centre cannot guarantee your child will be admitted within any time-frame.

A family moved into the neighbourhood recently and their child was just enrolled in the Sunnylea Child Care Centre.  I know my child was registered on a Waiting List before theirs. Why was their child selected before mine?

This situation happens occasionally and could happen because your neighbour’s child has a different Birth Year than your child.  The new vacancy happened to be for the Birth Year of your neighbour’s child and he or she was invited to fill it.

I was told I was first on the Waiting List for my child’s Birth Year yet when a vacancy opened up for that Birth Year it was offered to someone else.  How can this happen?

This is a consequence of the Centre’s policy of giving priority to children who have siblings already enrolled in the Centre.  When a child of any Birth Year is enrolled in the Centre, that child’s siblings, if any, ‘move up’ on the Waiting Lists for their Birth Years in order for the Centre to serve its already-enrolled families.

For example, consider a family with children on the Waiting Lists for both the Family Room and the Pre School Room.  If the older child is accepted into the Pre School room, the younger sibling moves to (or near) the top of the Waiting List for the Family room, and could supersede your child in the first position on that List. 

I registered my child on the appropriate Waiting List for the Sunnylea Child Care Centre, but have since made alternative day care arrangements.  Will my child’s name be removed from the Waiting List?

No. Your child’s name will remain on the Waiting List for his or her Birth Year, until:

1.        Your child is enrolled in the Centre;

2.        Your child becomes too old for the Centre and the Waiting List for his or her Birth Year is closed; or,

3.        You ask to have your child’s name from our Waiting List.

Further, your child’s position on the Waiting List will not change as a result of your making alternative day care arrangements (it may change for other reasons as outlined herein however).  As long as your child remains on our Waiting List, you will receive a call each and every time a suitable vacancy becomes available and you are in priority to fill the vacancy.

What is the Sunnylea catchment area?

The Sunnylea catchment is the area bounded by Bloor Street West on the north, Prince Edward Drive South on the east, Berry Road on the south, and Mimico Creek and Royal York Road on the west.


What happens if a client family moves outside of the Sunnylea catchment area?

Since you no longer live within the Sunnylea Junior School catchment area, you are no longer eligible to attend the Centre and you must inform the Centre of this when you receive the offer.  Children who do not live in the catchment area will not be enrolled in the Centre.